A riana is a true native California girl. Having spent her entire life between the Sierra foothills and Humboldt County refining her studies in both traditional Western and alternative medicines, Ariana holds a lifetime of experience that can challenge any other leader in the cannabis industry. She aims to employ this knowledge as a means to further that which she has dedicated her life to creating a platform of sustainability that prioritizes people over conglomerates and health over profits. Ariana holds a vested interest in the political landscape of the region and is driven by her longtime roots with the California cannabis community.

Ariana holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Nutrition and Sports Injury and is on track for her doctorate in Sports Medicine. As a practicing therapist for the last 20 years, she has established specializations in degeneration, chronic pain, and rehabilitation. In addition to her formal education, Ariana is certified in both Eastern and Western herbal medicine from the North West School for Botanical Studies in Arcata, CA.

Living in Humboldt County for nearly two decades, Ariana became personally dedicated to learning the craft of cannabis cultivation after witnessing the variety of its uses, many of which aligned perfectly with her life’s passion of proliferating wellness.  By applying a scientific approach to understanding cannabis, Ariana was ultimately able to marry her physical health and wellness protocols with the healing power of this wonderful plant, thereby incorporating real-world application for the use of cannabis in everyday medicinal treatments.

As founder of CannaGirl and co-founder of Gold Mountain Distribution, she offers quality products, education, and solutions through conscientious business practices with a home-grown focus on community. Her daily interactions have led her to participate in events including CannaCon, Indo Expo, Cannabis cups and many business and industry-specific summits. This has allowed her to collaborate with a number of industry leaders, which only further inspires her to help build up our industry at every level. Ariana is a founding board member on the California Growers Association, member of Cannabis Distributors Association, an educator at Oaksterdam University and first course instructor through Green Flower Media.

C hristina Rosmarin was born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin. She became interested in agriculture after taking an apprenticeship on a biodynamic farm in 1992 which led her to enroll and complete her training in biodynamics from the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute in East Troy, Wisconsin. She soon became master farmer and gardener at the Genesee biodynamic CSA farm, where she continued to study biodynamics for 10 years. In 2002 she moved to Northern California and enrolled in the Rudolph Steiner College, completing her training in Anthroposophical Studies and Waldorf Education. With her work in agriculture, she created and wrote the curriculum for an outdoor early childhood farming education program at Live Oak Waldorf School in Meadow Vista, CA.

Her work in cannabis started in 2005 when she grew her own medical cannabis to help ease her pain with endometriosis. Finding specific genetics to help her ailment, she soon found strains to help with other conditions and chronic pain. Now, she is a dedicated advocate for Medical Cannabis. She has since gone on to graduate from Oaksterdam University and has received a certificate from the Trichome Institute.

Christina was one of the founding members to Nevada County’s first and only medical dispensary. She also works for Gold Mountain Distribution, a Cannabis Distribution company based out of West Sacramento as an agricultural advisor. Her work in CannaGirl helps to promote women entrepreneurs, cultivators and manufacturers in the cannabis community providing a platform for women to stay in this forever evolving industry.

Throughout her life, Christina has surrounded herself with like-minded, strong, independent women. She and Ariana share the vision that CannaGirl can support, influence and positively change the emerging cannabis industry as it grows into acceptance, by promoting and sustaining the women who cultivate ecologically. Together, Ariana and Christina have the knowledge and capability to bring organic, biodynamic small farmers to a distribution platform providing a quality product to the entirety of California.

Shayland Grew up in Northern California, and has been witness to the grassroots cannabis market. He has seen first-hand the growth of this industry. He understands the challenges inherent in government bureaucracy, and is a key player in navigating the changing landscape of California Cannabis to ensure that everything we undertake is done with integrity and transparency.

Shayland holds a BA from UC Davis in English with an emphasis on creative writing. After finishing his studies, he moved to Los Angeles to seek out new opportunities in a new city. Unwittingly, he fell into Media and Marketing and found something he truly enjoyed doing. Shayland has spent the past 16 years developing a business acumen that includes Project Management, B2B negotiations, Contract Negotiations, Strategic Partnerships, Business Development, Finance/Budget Management and Marketing expertise.

Having spent nearly five years working in negotiations for Amazon, Shayland understand the means to drive real business growth with an entrepreneurial attitude. Between his NorCal upbringing and his life in Los Angeles, Shayland has seen the full spectrum of the maturation of cannabis in California, from seed to sale, and his dream is to take his experience from corporate America and transfer that into a fresh industry close to his heart, where he can help drive meaningful change for all.